Om Shri Sai Ram

In this creation of the Lord, the human birth is the most beautiful birth in the entire earth, which God has made for this human being a wonderful opportunity that will not be available for the love of the Lord.


The short question is, “For what purpose we have been born in this creation human beings,” the moment when we do not want to come to our thinking and keep away from the Lord for the moment. It is a miserable thing to forget the religion without being able to win or overcome the horizons, and the face of evil is heading towards the decline. The Creator of the Creator created us as the Divine Creator to worship himself as the only true God is the main reason to be proud of the creator who is not in creation. It is unlikely that the limitations of human misconceptions would be the highest limit for human suffering, if it was to limit itself to the lack of human knowledge. This is our religion land in India

There is no problem in the district ………….
No problem villages …………
No house with no problem …………
There is no life without problem
Problem problem problem for everyone ……………..
Abortion is a problem for most of all, especially from those who helped by the father, mother, child, grandchild, son-in-law, sister, sister, worker, owner, assistant. Thus, in the vortex of human problems, he has forgotten his intentions. As a result of this
All the treasures given by the Lord were in front of the blind and all blind and human orphan. The Creator of ours created the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, which provided the Navy for the salvation of mankind till the whole earth, beyond the Veda, Upanishad, Mahapurna, Suburban, Bhagavata, and all of the human beings, even the creation of the human being, the creation of the human being, the Creator of the universe, the peace, happiness, What’s going on is humiliating to humanity.

I was born in the village of Hosakere in Maddur taluk of Mandya district. Since i knows i am in Puttaparthi Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba devotee of my young age has repeatedly Puttaparthi Swami’s darshan going there from swamy discourse and vision spiritual about it immensely favored by Moody’s of the Lord all the beasts of epic and the Lord Stunning on the immense love to come and study in continuous 22 years long practice Vedas, Upanishad, Spaces,Suburbs, the Bhagavata, the Ramayana and a great man, good father, good mother, good teacher, good daughter, good lady, good husband, good old brother, good wife, good disciple, good grandfather, constantly embracing all the epics like Mahabharata , Good grandmother, good friend, good employer, good labor, and more than all relevant relationships. Being as a devotee constantly underfoot God’s knowledge of editing is required to live in unity the Lord has given Result.
The human being is the person who is experiencing daily, from wife, children, father-in-law, grandchildren, friends, educational issues,More importantly, what business he makes will be successful, political, cinema, and all the problems in the world the eternal solution is to give the Lord an easy way to embark on a continuous mantra, crystal, worship and for all the future questions that people need, such as marriages, education, politics, movies, etc., Bhagwan Shri Satya Sai Baba speaks with spiritually and gives the correct answer to the power of the Lord. My main objective is to serve the thousands of people who serve me in my 20 years of spiritual life and the knowledge that God gave me and to follow the teachings of the Lord. As the validators, I plead with them for all their problems and questions that they should use me for their service.